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Peace King

Book Review

About Author

[Dr. Moon] has emerged as a great peacemaker and unifer on the world stage. He is a leading force for interreligious dialogue and understanding between people of all backgrounds, and for global peace and security.Alexander Haig
Former U.S. Secretary of State and Former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

We learn through Reverend Moon's autobiography that all of his activities originate from his sacrificial and earnest heart for the redemption of humankind and the liberation of God. This book contains the story of his great love for mankind and is a powerful message of hope for the future. H.E. Albert Muisiu
Former President of Albania

Dr. Moon's call for peace through religion is something of great nuance and profundity. We are fortunate for the chance to observe his lifelong struggle for world peace. Abdurrahman Wahid ("Gus Dur")
Former President of Indonesia

Your peace principles have played a very important role in helping us to end the violence in Kenya. You are bringing hope for a brighter future to our nation, Africa, and the worldHon. Raila Odinga
Prime Minister of Kenya